Georgia State Politics

Georgia State Politics

Georgia AG Carr Still Investigating Equifax Data Breach

In September 2017, Attorney General Chris Carr announced that the state of Georgia was taking a leadership role in the investigation of the issues surrounding...

Only 13 NRA members used discount Delta withdrew

A Delta Air Lines spokesman confirms only 13 members of the National Rifle Association bought discounted tickets using a perk later withdrawn by the airline following the school massacre in Florida.

‘Naked politics’ of punishing Delta could haunt Georgia

Georgia lawmakers’ decision to punish Delta Air Lines for publicly distancing itself from the National Rifle Association was an extraordinary act of political revenge.

Lawmakers pass bills on paper ballots, transit, marijuana

Georgia lawmakers passed dozens of bills Wednesday, rushing to meet a key deadline for the 40-day session.

Georgia Senate to vote on tax bill, Delta benefit dropped

Lawmakers in the Georgia Senate moved toward a vote Thursday on a sweeping tax bill that Republicans stripped of a proposed jet-fuel tax break...

Hidden Predator Bill passes Georgia House

The Georgia House of Representatives unanimously passed House Bill 605, the Hidden Predator Act, sponsored by State Representative Jason Spencer (R-Woodbine), by a vote...

GA Govenor will sign $5B tax relief despite Delta spat

Gov. Nathan Deal announced Wednesday afternoon that he would sign the $5 billion tax relief bill despite the state Senate’s decision to remove Deal’s...

Georgia House wants lobbyists to abide by harassment policy

The Georgia House has passed a measure that would require lobbyists working in the Capitol to abide by the same sexual harassment policy as lawmakers.

Delta courted by states amid Georgia tax break threat

The Georgia Legislature looks to block a $40 million-dollar tax break amid Delta's announcement about the airline's decision to no longer honor discounts for...

Georgia Senate united in renaming ‘Runaway Negro Creek’

The Georgia Senate has called on the federal government to change the name of a small body of water known as Runaway Negro Creek.