The City of Kingsland is launching mobile units to assist local residents affected by Hurricane Irma in submitting their online GEMA Damage Assessment form.

The mobile unit will be dispatched to those neighborhoods most heavily impacted by the storm damage. Teams will being going door-to-door to assist residents with completing the form.

The mobile unit will be equipped will all the resources necessary for residents to immediately submit the GEMA damage assessment online form.

Completion of the GEMA damage assessment forms is critical in getting federal & state emergency assistance for Camden County & those individuals in our community who have immediate need.

Anyone who has storm damage to your home or commercial building, should immediately report the damage to GEMA. This information can be used by GEMA in order to visualize and summarize damage assessments as they are collected by the public.

The information submitted through this form will be used to determine if the natural disaster exceeds State or Federal declaration threshold.


  1. “attention Kingsland residents” ? what about the rest of us? will Waverly also receive this same service? What about all the rural areas that are All a part of Camden County? I am interested to see how the online applications will be completed because when we attempted to complete the online form we only get dropped as soon as our address is entered with the statement “your area has not been declared”. Anyone else running into the same information block wall?

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