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Not all heroes wear capes.

A Georgia firefighter is being praised for her heroic actions after catching a child tossed from a burning building.

The entire event unfolded on the helmet camera of a fellow firefighter. A parent tossed his child to rescuers as he attempted to make his way out of the burning apartment building. The child caught was one of several thrown to first responders from a third floor balcony in early January.

Captain Jackie Peckrul, a mother to triplets, caught the toddler as her colleagues worked to rescue others. “There’s no better feeling in the world,” Peckrul told Fox5 Atlanta. “Never want to see any parent lose a child,” she said.

The DeKalb County firefighters ultimately rescued twelve people, twelve of which were children. They all suffered minor injuries. More than 80 people were displaced from the fire.

WATCH the video below.

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